From Talo:

I am still buzzed from the reading you gave me and just wanted to let you know what a gift you are to the world. I will always have this write up and can read it forever. What a gift this is. Your website is very professional looking and inviting. I think your words are healing in the way you construct them people can feel your energy through your art. You get 6/5 stars in my review. I've talked with psychiatrists, therapists, friends and family I've known my whole life, but you understood me the most. You made me realize things I didn't even know about myself. And that is the greatest gift I have received. To be mindful of the power of our breath and to be self aware. Every morning is a resurrection, and that makes me feel good about sleeping at night. Since then I've had some vivid dreams that bleed into the day. Thank you thank you again, and forever more . Much love .

From Jessica:

I absolutely found this reading to be motivating because it brought some clarity to me about what’s happening around me and what steps I can take. The “Begin with what you have” reading was literally on point for what I was truly needing. And the love reading as well was super helpful the positions themselves really allowed the cards to be clear about what I’m doing and where I can improve. You did great with showing me the associations and how everything kind of flows together in both readings and that gave me further clarity and understanding. I felt so much better and it has allowed me to begin planning and mapping out the steps I know I need to take in order to cultivate not only my career but my personal life and my spiritual life. 

Honestly I love your energy and you were patient and a good listener and really found the right spreads to give me the clarity I was really needing which just goes to further show how well you were really listening. You were also very encouraging and good about getting me to understand positive aspects in seemingly “negative” cards and reeky reminding me of that balance that exists in the Universe.