Tarot offers doorways into the deeper self and spirituality, while providing powerful tools of reflection and contemplation. 

I want to help you overcome any obstacles that stand between you and your dreams, your authenticity, your joy, your healing, etc.. The truth is, you are exceptional and can lead an exceptional life. There is plenty of untapped potential within you. I absolutely believe it. I want to help you access it. We all need guidance. I know it will take time, effort, and vigilance but I believe in your ability to overcome obstacles and to manifest the self-actualization you're dreaming of. 

The cards are a tool that steer us in wiser directions, point out the shadow aspects (aspects that we find ourselves ignoring or that go unnoticed), and provide an empathic connection to real advice. Really, there is no limit to what the message of the cards paired with our intuition can provide. When you work with me, we are a team: you, me, and the cards. 

While I don’t do my readings with a specific spiritual faith or religion in mind, I do believe in the energy of the cards, the energy in me, and the energy in you. When I ground and go into meditation before pulling cards, I reach out and make the connection between these three energies. I suppose it is a vibrational thing. Distance work has never inhibited my ability to make a strong connection to a querent and offer a sound service and advice.

To make sure we are on the same page, please read my 'Ethics' section below.


  • All are welcome here. I am happy and honored to work with people from all walks of life and identities. I love and honor people of the LBGTQI community, of any and every faith/religion, of any skin color, from any country in the world, from every class (btw I offer a sliding scale, please contact me for details), etc. If you want a tarot reading from me, you are welcome here. I’m actively seeking to learn from and incorporating anti-racist, anti-colonial, and pro-LBGTQI information, movements, literature, voices, and concepts into the way I read the cards. AND, I welcome your feedback on how I can do this better and how I do it well. I would be grateful and honored to hear your voice.

  • I do not and will not tell your future. I believe in free-will and the deep wisdom tarot provides in helping us work out the possibilities of cause and effect. I believe that the tarot is a tool for reflection and empowerment, but that does mean your active involvement is absolutely necessary for any and all results to come to fruition.

  • I am not a certified counselor and while I do have a master’s degree in social sciences, I have not studied psychology in any formal setting. My advice comes from the wisdom of the cards, my intuition, my independent studies, what I’ve learned through listening to other’s experiences, and my own personal experience.

  • I am not responsible for any actions you take in response to a reading. I promise to give you the best advice I can, but ultimately the decisions you make are by your own free will and I highly recommend you think for yourself on what to take away from our reading together.

  • I will not give medical, legal, or financial advice.

  • I maintain the right to refuse a reading on the basis of ethical objection.

  • Refunds are only possible before the reading has been delivered or written up. It is up to you to do the research in making sure my style of reading is compatible to you. Please read my blog, my instagram, and feel free to ask any questions prior to purchasing your reading to make sure I’m the right reader for you.

My Story

I've been reading tarot for 3 years now. Although I picked up my first deck around the age of 15, I didn’t actively start incorporating tarot into my daily life until after I turned 24. I suppose it was shame that kept me from pursuing my spirituality sooner, but it is in the pursuing of my spirituality that I was able to overcome that shame. Tarot and my spiritual path has brought many blessings and changes into my life. Through this work, I am actively becoming a more authentic version of myself. I’m learning to unchain conditioning by society, family, education, etc. that has held me back in the past and instead surrendering to my higher self. It’s a process though, I can promise you that!

I have a master’s degree in media studies. Most of my academic career was focused on race, gender, and ethnicity in intersectional contexts. I love to learn, to read, to think, to write, but during graduate school I realized that the academic institution was much too stifling and detached from the spirit for me. I desperately needed my spirituality to be a major part of my life. And then I fell in love with tarot, the esoteric, and witchitude in general. I hope that reading tarot is just the beginning of my work in the pagan/witch/healing/spiritual community.

I’m definitely outdoorsy. Both recreationally and spiritually, mother earth is dear to me and close to my heart. I love to hike and anything that involves playing in or around water. Most weekends you can find me camping or playing outside with friends. I love nothing more to unplug and commune with the natural world. Play is a major part of my magic and my philosophy, so don’t be surprised if I advise you to do more of it on our readings together!

Questions? Collaborations? Discussion? Please feel free to contact me!