“The most important use of Tarot is to evoke thought.”

Paul Foster Case

Tarot is used in many different ways, for a plethora of purposes, by diverse and unique individuals. No reader or practitioner will be the same. I use Tarot as a tool for guidance and wisdom. I believe that the answers the cards provoke come from a mix of my intuition, messages from the divine (no matter what name, deity, energy, or lack of if you prefer), and my querent’s intuition and reflection (you!). Some tarot readers have the ability to predict the future or see into details of your life without you having to speak a word. I am not that kind of reader. Though I believe in the power of Tarot to give us insight into future events and reveal a great measure of detail to us, I do not claim to possess the kind of psychic power to read your mind or predict your future.

No matter the answers you seek, an open mind will be required as we journey through the cards together. Tarot readings with me are a dialogue between me, you, and the cards. The goal is to dig deeper into yourself, to strengthen your personal reflection, to seek new perspectives, and guide your path forward. I believe the cards hold power, that their messages are wise, and I believe the same of you. You hold power, and much of the wisdom the cards provoke comes from inside of YOU, not just from me or the cards. We can accomplish much more by working together. 

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